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Leanne Spromberg






Kirkland, WA 98034

A Bit About Me

Certified Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Educator, Certified by CACHE, and trained Newborn Care Specialist by Newborn Care Solutions, Early Childhood Educator, and Trained Labor Doula.

I believe in learning by doing with a particular focus on character growth, teamwork, reflection, and literacy. I support growth by creating a plan with the parents that provides a brave space for educational adventures. I believe Social-Emotional learning is essential to building a collaborative family and compassionate community. I am empathetic in my care and relationships. 


North Seattle College                     

State Initial Certificate Early Childhood Education Fall 2021

Specialized Early Childhood Education Certificate Winter 2022

Early Childhood State Certificate anticipated graduation Summer 2022

Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education anticipated graduation Winter 2022

Course work in Early Childhood Education, communications with studies emphasizing childhood development, nutrition, health, interpersonal communications, nonverbal small group communications, and peer mentoring.

High School Diploma

Nathan Hale High School Class of 2002



American Heart Association

Certified in pediatric CPR/ AED, and First Aide – completed in person

Date Completed: 08/16/2020 ID: 204004835682 Renewing August 2022 


National Child Passenger Safety Certification

CPST Certified Technician

Certification ID: T797129

Certifying body: Safe Kids Worldwide

Date completed: 09/01/2021 Renewing: September 26, 2023



Certified Lactation Educator (CLE)

Certification Date: 08/27/2020

Decertification Date: 08/27/2023

Certification #: 08-202020



Certified CAPPA Postpartum Doula (CPD)

Certification date: 08/27/2020

Re-certification Date: 08/27/2023

Certification #: 08-082019

Certificate of attendance

10/15/2019 Completion of 18 hours CAPPA Contact Hours


Certified Specialised Newborn Care 

Date achieved: 09/25/2019

Unit number: CQ119/001

Certification #: 51725834


Advanced Newborn Care Specialist Training

Certificate of Completion: 09/09/2019 Certificate ID: 13709172 



Foundational Newborn Care Specialist Training

Certificate of Completion: 09/01/2019 Certificate ID: 13669247 


Perinatal Mental health Postpartum Support International

Certificate of Training Expected June 2022

(PSI) is the leading organization devoted to perinatal mood and anxiety

Disorders. In addition to supporting mothers, fathers, and families directly, PSI offers mental health and healthcare providers resources to help identify, support, and treat individuals living with perinatal mental health complications.

Birthing Advocacy Doula Training (BADT)

Fertility & Conception CE April 2022


Certified Happiest Baby Educator

Happiest Baby Educator Association

Certification Date: 08/24/2020

Continuing Education

Shafia Monroe Consult

Certificate of completion: 09/04/2020 Webinar Training African American Postpartum Belly Binding


Shafia Monroe Consult

Certificate of completion: 09/06/2020 Webinar Training African American Postpartum Care


14th Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Bettina Love “We Gon’ Be Alight, But It Ain’t Alright: Abolitionist Teaching.”


Northwest African American Museum  

Virtual Martin Luther King Day Celebration 02/17/2022, Keynote speaker Nikki Giovanni


Northwest African American Museum  

Seattle University, presented by Elliot Bay Book Company

Live Seminar, A Conversation with Judge LaDoris Hazard Cordell 10/26/2021


Racial Equality Webinar Series from United States Breastfeeding Committee

1.5 hour


Sam Killerman

Completed: 09/15/2020 Understanding the Complexities of Gender, Webinar, Sam Killerman



Certificate of completion: 10/03/2021 How to be a Size-Inclusive Birth Professional



Certificate of completion: 10/03/2021 Empowering Parents through Infant Food Sensitivities



Certificate of completion: 10/03/2021The Language of Lactation-How to Educate Parents on a New Lingo That Supports Their Lactation Journey



Certificate of completion: Infertility and PMAD Treatment Implications for Woman of Color



Certificate of completion: Being an Influencer



Certificate of completion: Dog and Baby Safety



Certificate of completion: How to Support Attachment and Bonding in the New Family



Certificate of completion: Pregnancy & Birth Coaching in the Virtual World- Meeting Customer Expectations  



Certificate of completion: Psychological Considerations for Supporting Pregnant and Postpartum Clients



Certificate of completion: The Role of Implicit Bias in Birthing and Breastfeeding Support



Certificate of completion: Up In Smoke: Want to Know About Cannabis During Perinatal Period



Certificate of completion: Growing your business and Brand with Social Media




The Melanated Mammary Atlas Membership

Nekisha Killings MPH, IBCLC

CAPPA Member

Professionals aim to facilitate empowerment, connection, and self-advocacy in families from preconception through early parenthood.


NAPS Member

Our mission is to create a diverse and inclusive community for postpartum doulas in the Puget Sound Region through continuing education, peer support, and professional advocacy.

Professional Experience

Household Manager & Nanny


October 22, 2020- Present

Prenatal & Perinatal Support


October 2021-Present

Prenatal support


September 2020-November 2020

  • Overseeing multiple residences in multiple states 

  • Household management of housekeeping and landscaping teams at multiple residences in multiple states

  • Project management for remodels and repairs

  • Organize flights and act as the main liaison for move coordination from residence to residence

  • Manage multiple calendars

  • Maintain household organization

  • Run daily errands, personal assistant duties

  • House sit while family travels

  • Travel when necessary and coordinate camp departures and arrivals

  • Assist with driving child to and from school, extracurricular activities, and appointments

  • Assist with homework and studying

  • Daily vegetarian meal prep for the entire family

  • Multiple virtual consultations and in-person meeting, to go create postpartum support plan

  • Organized and prioritized needs, provided support to complete

  • Discussed food preferences and allergies for meal planning

  • Discussed and put together postpartum mental health plan and ensured access to resources

  • Prepared six weeks of dairy free, organic meals prep, with guidance from the book, “The First Forty Days.” All meals were dated, labeled, frozen

  • Provided car seat education and instruction

  • Created infant support strategy

  • Created birth plan and discussed labor support

  • Discussed and created postpartum support plan

  • Provided parent education classes that assisted with teaching: infant feeding, diaper changing, bathing, and babywearing resources

Newborn Twin Nanny


December 2019-October 2020 Twins born in April 2020 (Hours accrued from when twins were born 2100 hours)

Postpartum Doula & Newborn Care Specialist


May 2018-infant to Newborn, (1 mo., 40 hours)

March 2020- infant to newborn, (1, mo. 40 hours)

  • Provided postpartum care for mother; ensure water and tea were available throughout day and night, Foot and neck wraps treatments, regular linen freshening, pillow positioning, sitz bath preparation, assisted with infant feeding positioning, daily written journal, babywearing resources, skin to skin encouragement

  • Newborns care included positioning at breast for feeding, burping, diapering, washing of bottles and cleaning breast pump, baby laundry, prepared and organized nursery, laundered and organized clothing and toys, assisted with baby proofing home, car seat education 

  • Overnight care as a Newborn Care Specialist title; allowed family to rest thru the night and took total care of twins, diapering, feeding, burping

  • Prepared high protein meals and snacks for the entire family

  • Provided partner support; babywearing, encouragement of skin to skin, meal preparation

  • Sibling care, 4-year-old, who identifies as a girl, daily walks, prepared thoughtful activities to engage with her and support her development, read and told stories daily, offered art projects, science experiments, baking, daily, ensured cleanup of all activities, supported zoom calls to family and classmates throughout pandemic 

  • 24/7 care provided 8 months

  • Light household cleaning

  • Household organization projects: organized kitchen, toy room, craft and art room, nursery, entry closet, linen closet, children’s dressers, and closets, parents' closets and dressers, garage

  • Assisted with dog care

  • Postpartum care included feeding, diapering, overnight care, breastfeeding positioning assistance, pillow positioning

  • Cooked meals and prepared snacks

  • Light cleaning

Postpartum Doula


August 2019-October 2019

Household Manger and Nanny


April 2017 to October 2019

Provided an average of 47 hours per week

On Call Nanny


Newborn September 2018-September 2020 (12 months, 180 hours)

Provide about 15 hours per month

On Call Nanny


Newborn, December 2018-June 2019 (9 months, 90 Hours)

Provide about 10 hours a week

Night Nanny


Newborn, March 2016 to July 2016 (5 months, 900 hours)

Provided around 45 hours each week - nightly

Travel Newborn Nanny


July 2015-infant-(Newborn 100 hours)

April 2018-Newborn, 300

Newborn Care  


December 2016-infant to Newborn, (newborn, 50 hours)

Child Care Provider – Night Nanny


Newborn, March 2015 to May 2017, (12 months, 1,170 hours)

Provided about 22.5 hours a week

  • Cooked meals and prepared snacks

  • Organized household 

  • Care for mother and father

  • Infant care

  • Sibling care consisted in creating thoughtful curriculum and activities to support development and play

  • Provided complete care to children ages 1 and 3

  • Ensured the health, wellbeing, education, and safety of the children

  • Provided the best and complete care for children with love, nourishment, and guidance

  • Supported children by providing physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual play to

  • Ensured support was provided to encourage proper development

  • Participated, supervise, and organized activities with children, including, for example, games, walks, play dates, outings, crafts, and reading to children daily

  • Provided tutoring and help with homework to children when needed

  • Maintained good, open communication with parents, including a daily journal and/or photo/video updates of the children throughout the day, as time allows

  • Worked with parents to provide a unified approach to childrearing and discipline, including methods such as positive reinforcement, distractions, natural consequences

  • Completed daily errands as needed related to the support of the whole family, including grocery shopping, drug store, post-office delivery/package pick-up, personal errands (e.g., shopping and returns), and regular car maintenance.

  • Provided transportation for children to and from daily activities 

  • Maintained list of needed groceries

  • Carried out nap time routines normally performed by parents 

  • Prepared well-balanced meals and snacks

  • Prepared well-balanced dinners for the whole household 

  • Performed household chores daily for the whole family, including but not limited to (1) loading and unloading the dishwasher, (2) emptying and taking out the trash, recycling, and diaper pail, (3) picking up after the children, (4) sweeping after the children eat, (5) wiping down counters in the kitchen and bathroom and dining table; (6) doing the family’s laundry (7) maintaining clean strollers, car seats, high chairs, and any other equipment or toys used by the children, and (8) watering plants.

  • Replaced interior light bulbs that have gone out Performed reasonable household organization duties, as

  • Provided complete care to two children ages 3-year-old and 9-month baby)

  • Carried out nap and bedtime routines as normally performed by Parents

  • Prepared meals and bottles as needed

  • Changed diapers and assist with potty training

  • Overnight care when requested

  • Carried out nap and bedtime routines as normally performed by Parents

  • Prepared meals and bottles as needed

  • Changed diapers

  • Ensured children are in a safe and caring environment for children ages 4 weeks, 3 years old, 10 years old, and 12 years old.

  • Maintained routine and went on exploration walks outside daily

  • Prepped meals and baked weekly with kids 

  • Logged ounces of milk consumed at each feeding for newborn

  • Logged diapers daily

  • Updated throughout the mother’s graveyard shift 

  • Prepared breakfast and ensured children were ready for school

  • Helped with homework completion

  • Completed family laundry, washed, folded, and put away

  • Cleaned bathrooms weekly

  • Completed dishes, organized and maintained kitchen

  • Dropped off and pick up for after school activities

  • Maintained bedtime routine 

  • Read to children before bed

  • Postpartum care included feeding, diapering, overnight care, breastfeeding positioning assistance

  • Cooked meals and prepared snacks

  • Light household cleaning

  • Cooked meals and prepared snacks

  • Organized household 

  • Care for mother and father

  • Infant care

  • Sibling care consisted in creating thoughtful curriculum and activities to support development and play

  • Provided Labor support

  • Provided evening care and weekends away from age newborn to age two

  • Maintained play plan and outdoor activities to ensure continued growth and learning opportunities

  • Helped clean and maintain home

  • Logged bottles and food consumed

  • Logged soiled diapers

  • Communicated with mother and father updated throughout the time spent away

  • Ensured bedtime routine stays consistent

  • Read several books throughout each day and evening

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