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Leanne's hourly rate is $37.5-$45 for doula and newborn care


Please read below to learn more about rates and how Modern's community is giving back


Some families survive

Due to severe inequity and lack of access many families are left to survive in a constant currant. They have barriers in the way of gaining air and often are made to breathe while underwater. 

Modern offers a modernized approach to caring for our neighbors and communities outside of our own, offering a landing.

Not everyone has a landing

Home, a space of rest, peace, and landing. For many it is where we find peace and rhythm, is a space we are made to feel grounded and supported. Modern appreciates many have while many are left with less. Modern has modernized care to create access for more families, offering support in finding their landing. 

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"If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don't see."

-James Baldwin


Understanding other perspectives and shared experiences creates an opportunity to deepen awareness and empathy. In the awareness and simply noticing, we open our hearts to attuning to others and ourselves. Modern supports sharing to encourage understanding.  

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Live life as though nobody is watching you, and express yourself as though everyone is listening.

-Nelson Mandela

Take down barriers

Modern believes every family and community brings beauty within its diversity. Partnering with Leanne makes a difference in promoting real change, taking down barriers, creating more equity.  

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Together we will

For those who have fewer barriers and added privileges, you can find services package rates listed here. This structure supports creating more equity and access to high-quality care for families with additional barriers. 



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Scholarship & accessible care 

For those who have added barriers to accessing care from Leanne please click here to apply for scholarship funding. 

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Modern Community

Every dollar gives back

"Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul." -Alice Walker

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