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Car Seat Education

Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST)

Car Seat Education: Virtual or in-person 

Free 45-minute Consultation

  • Learn how to: choose the right seat for your vehicle and your child, secure your child properly, make adjustments to your car seat, and to install your car seat properly 

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Pregnant Belly

Prenatal Support 

Free 30-minute consultation

Prenatal Support Educator

Prenatal Support: I offer support to the family through their surrogacy or personal uterus growth. I share knowledge and support preparing to conceive, or conceived without intent, and what occurs in utero.  

  • We cover the fetus’s progression & baby’s growth which is rapid.

  • Discover ways to offer support to growth

  • Offer resources that are helpful in creating a support network


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Certified Postpartum Doula (CPD)

Birthing Person Support: I nurture the birthing person by honoring their journey.

  • Offer nourishment in meals, and snacks, and provide hydration with teas, broths, and water.

  • Share compassionate, empathetic care, and love providing a brave space where the birthing person feels seen.

Holding Space: I provide a brave space for vulnerability

  • I acknowledge the trauma of birth along with the tidal wave of wisdom that it creates.

  • I bring understanding, opening a portal allowing any questioning and exploring of thought

  • I offer comfort with foot and shoulder treatments using ancient oiling techniques.  

Newborn Attachment:   I offer support by helping to ground, notice, and remain open for connection, which leads to attachment, security, and growth. 

  • I offer support to the family’s environment allowing space for rest, nourishment, and energy to support the growth of oral language and community.

Scope of services offered to learn more Click here

Newborn Baby

Rates and access 

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Human Milk Educator Support
30 minute consulatation 

Certified Lactation Educator (CLE)

Human Milk Educators fill an important role in educating, counseling, and

supporting families and communities.


  • Offer shared wisdom to support lactation, and positioning.

  • Share evidence-based information about lactation and feeding their baby or babies. and offer resources

  • Provide resources in supporting your journey

To learn more about the scope of a CLE click here


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Newborn Care Specialists (NCS)

Newborn care specialists are specially trained to support newborn care.

  • NCS’s mostly work short-term anywhere from a few days to a few months.

  • They provide support and expertise of a newborn’s needs and assist with

  • the transition home and often help establish a routine. NCS typically work overnights, however, day shifts can be requested.

To learn more about the scope of an NCS click here

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sibling support

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Sibling support 


Leanne appropriates the process and understanding that comes with a growing family. Leanne specializes in connection through play while attuning to each individual.

  • Support in finding a rhythm

  • Fun preparation of meals and snack 

  • Focused intention on offering support to the child. Allowing them to feel seen, understood, and validated.

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Early Childhood Educator


Leanne's Early Childhood Educator background assists in building culturally rich experiences, while being mindful to developmentally appropriate practices.

  • Individualized offerings with compassionate and thoughtful engagement

  • Support oral language discovery 

  • Inquiry based learning approach

  • Social emotional learning support

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Household & Estate Management

  • Oversee regular maintenance for single or multiple residences

  • Oversee project management for construction

  • Home organization

  • Manage multiple calendars housekeeping teams, landscaping teams

  • Personal assistant and clerical support as needed, errands and grocery shopping

  • File insurance claims and bill pay (AP and AR)

  • Vehicle service maintenance, permits, licenses, and registration support


Modern believes prenatal and postpartum care are expenditures that are essential for families to thrive in today’s fast-paced environment. Modern recognizes income inequality as uneven income that is distributed throughout a population. The less equal the distribution, the higher income inequality is. Modern accepts families on scholarship for prenatal and postpartum support quarterly, providing FREE or reduced care cost to disadvantaged families. Click below for more information.

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