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The mission

To support equitable access to community care and education.

The Problem

Conception & Fertility Support & Education

10% of assigned female persons experience hardship getting and maintaining pregnancy

1/3 of infertility hardships are experienced from assigned male partners 

Perinatal Support & Education

At least 1 and 7 birthing people experience serious signs of depression or anxiety during pregnancy or postpartum* 

1 and 10 fathers experience PPD*

*Citation: Wisner KL,, JAMA Psychiatry 2013 Paulson,, JAMA, 2010 

Prenatal Support & Education

~80% of new parents experience typical baby blues in the first few weeks once baby arrives.*

*Citation: Wisner KL,, JAMA Psychiatry 2013 Paulson,, JAMA, 2010 

Social Emotional Support & Education

Recursive cycles are created by social relations, having an understanding of the development and providing early intervention is key.*

*Dr Lilian Katz Social development 

Birth Support & Education

Birth trauma & nursing

Study of 52 people reporting traumatic birth found 3 themes related to nursing

Proving oneself, Atonement to infant, Healing mentally* 

Full term birth rate King County 91%

Healthy birth weight 93%

Chest/breastfeeding 39% 

*Beck CT Wilson, S. Nursing Research, July-August 2008, 57:4

Household Support & Education

Accessibility to land and homeownership historically and systemically is caused by racisim has been restricted and 

“one of the most effective tools to improve labor and delivery outcomes, the continuous presence of support personnel, such as a doula”.*

*Cite taken from WA state healthcare authority read entire document here

Modern's impact

Provides Monetary donations earned Newborn Care profit to Nonprofit organization 

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